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New Regulations and New Threats Require New Tools

May 1, 2017
Today, we announced Edgile Technology Diagnostics, a new offering available as a managed service to our clients. Global banks and other financial service institutions are under increasing pressure to comply with regulatory standards and protect their clients’ data. Because of highly publicized data breaches, consumers have justified concerns about the security of their personal data. Even the most well-known brands are under fire. CISOs are under intense pressure to ensure these fears never become a reality, while simultaneously proving to their boards and peers in the c-suites that information security, risk management, and cybersecurity are being properly managed. More>

Market Insights: A Conversation with Edgile and SailPoint, a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

March 31, 2017
In February 2017, Edgile was named SailPoint Partner of the Year for the Americas. We had the opportunity to share our insights in a conversation with SailPoint. Hear from our CEO Don Elledge and Larry Wolf, the Edgile Partner responsible for the firm’s National Technology Partner Programs. We explain the market move in identity governance and the strategic reasons why many clients are selecting SailPoint the leader in Identity Governance which has been recognized by Gartner for the fourth year in a row as the Magic Quadrant leader in Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). More>

Cybersecurity in 2017: Uncharted Waters

Author: Paul Hewitt, Managing Director
February 28, 2017
Cybersecurity is moving into everyone’s daily lexicon. It’s actually now cool to be in the know about cyber (call it cyber geek chic), and for those involved in the IT security industry, this is the time of the year — at the annual RSA conference earlier this month — when cyber moves to the center of many conversations. As the industry prepares to introduce the latest technology required to fight threats, and win the war on trust, February could very well be branded  “Cyber Technology Awareness Month.” More>

Betting Big On Identity Risk

Author: Lawrence Wolf, Partner
February 16, 2017
Earlier today – at the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco – we announced that Edgile received the honor of being named this year’s partner of the year by SailPoint, a leader in identity governance. As an advisor to organizations on identity risk, I feel not only proud but gratified. In any market, success is often predicated on taking bets, even if those bets are on trends concerning risk. Looking back on our long relationship with SailPoint, there are three bets that Edgile made that led to our successful growth, and I’m proud to have been part of the decision-making. More>

The New Edgile Blog: The Voice of the Modern Enterprise

Author: Don Elledge, CEO
January 18, 2017
In the mid-1990’s, just shortly after the Web was born, my co-founder Dean Fantham and I were both stationed in Silicon Valley, working for Deloitte & Touche — where I was a partner — one of the “Big Four” firms that were just then learning to address the disruption the digital world was about to unleash. More>