Industry Era – 10 Best Women Leaders of 2020

An innovative leader in the cybersecurity arena

Founded by ex-Big 4 leaders in 2001, Edgile is a cyber risk and regulatory compliance consulting firm serving the Fortune 500 and highly-regulated companies. They are the 2020 Microsoft Security System Integrator of the Year, a ServiceNow Elite Partner and a SailPoint Admiral Top Delivery Partner. Edgile’s deep expertise in modern identity, integrated risk management and cloud security allows the firm to deliver strategic cyber risk management programs that drive secure and compliant business growth for their clients.

Arlene is part of the senior leadership team at Edgile and co-manages the identity service line. As a big picture architect who has mastered the nuances of identity strategy and implementation, she offers invaluable insights and expertise as a trusted advisor to many of the firm’s top clients.

When she is engaged with security and compliance consulting for her Fortune 500 enterprise clients, Arlene applies Edgile’s proven strategy-first approach to help them arrive at solutions that meet their business objectives now and into the future. “Many enterprises get caught up in putting out short-term security fires by focusing on purchasing technology solutions,” says Arlene. “They can lose sight of the overall business strategies. I want to make sure that operational plans and product/service purchases are aligned with the enterprise’s long-term security and compliance needs.”

Arlene’s objective with many of her clients is to help build a bridge that ties their current security and compliance position to a more secure and modern future-proof compliance posture. She often connects the strategy dots in two ways. First, she applies proven processes and patterns to enhance the clients’ programs. Then, through meticulous execution, she brings these improvements into the enterprise’s future cybersecurity operational state.

While Arlene is being recognized as one of the top 10 women leaders in tech, she approaches her role in a more gender-neutral manner. “I don’t treat clients and colleagues differently based on gender,” she explains. “Doing that would actually undermine some of what women have fought so hard to earn—especially in technology. Clearly, there are nuances in how a woman develops her leadership and communication skills in a male-dominated industry like mine. Women with stellar technical abilities should shine naturally without the added pressure to overcompensate because of their gender. And like everyone, women need to make sure the brightness of our shine is seen and understood. It’s up to each of us to make our story known—from mentoring, leading, inventing, and promoting, to continually improving our business, community and family relationships.”

Arlene has a refreshing perspective on what makes for an appropriate work-life balance, especially now that most workplaces are remote.

“There are many ways to empower and optimize our teams to achieve the best results for our clients. When mentoring and developing members of my teams, I like to encourage a healthy work-life balance and smart time management. In this digital age, we’re expected to produce faster turn-arounds because so much information is readily available. As a leader, I set realistic goals and manageable deliverable expectations. We map everything into a timeline that is achievable to meet our clients’ expectations. I believe in developing a culture that encourages individuals to engage in passion projects outside of the office which actually makes them stronger contributors in the office. It can help everyone think more clearly and be more creative, which delivers more value to our clients.”

Arlene Mordeno is a powerful leader and mentor in the cybersecurity field. She’s never satisfied with simply maintaining the status quo. She wants to strategically innovate whenever possible. We congratulate her on receiving this award and for the much-deserved recognition of her long and successful career.

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