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The modern Security Operations challenge

All too often, IT security programs are hampered by siloed teams, manual processes and disconnected tools and datasets. As cyber threats become more advanced, Security Operations (SecOps) programs must transition to proactive, automated and integrated solutions.

The Edgile NOW solutions

Leveraging the built-in SecOps capabilities in ServiceNow, Edgile’s diagnostics engagements and Quick Start implementation packages use a “reporting first” approach. We help you demonstrate to management and risk, compliance and audit stakeholders that your SecOps capabilities are effectively meeting objectives and actively reducing risk. We make sure you can demonstrate the value of these programs from day one.

This means you spend less time responding to assurance teams, and more time actually mitigating the security risks facing your organization.

Edgile’s SecOps Maturity Assessment Engagements

SecOps technology deployments require clear governance, procedures and assurance capabilities. Our engagements start with a one to two day Rapid Maturity Assessment highlighting current state maturity and includes a roadmap of key activities to get your target maturity.

Edgile’s SecOps Maturity Assessment Engagements

We offer ServiceNow Quick Start implementation packages. These cost-effective engagements are designed to get your organization to a baseline level of SecOps maturity on the NOW platform by:

  • Delivering a fully configured VR, TI, and/or SIR module with supporting integrations to your scanning, threat intelligence, and/or SIEM tools as appropriate;
  • Providing intelligent, pre-defined reports and KPI’s which address management’s challenging questions as well as provides context on day-to-day operational concerns;
  • Including documented Requirements and Test Plans to demonstrate that the solutions are fit for purpose;
  • Avoiding complex customizations that compromise your upgrade path and require costly retrofits to support future enhancements.