Meet Arlene Mordeno

The Composer of Your Next Project and Her Next Song 

Tune-in to hear why her musical and math background gives her an edge in building your future identity solution.    

“Many enterprise CISOs have built their identity program in pieces, which can paint them into a corner with solutions that can’t scale when the environment changes. I want clients to take a holistic approach, using integrated, repeatable patterns—similar to those in music—that support a long-term strategy.”
– Arlene Mordeno, Managing Director, Edgile

In this latest edition of An Insider’s Look at Security, Identity and Compliance, hosted by Evan Schuman, Edgile’s Arlene Mordeno talks about the correlations between music and math and how repeatable song patterns are an apt metaphor when designing efficient identity and access management programs.

Modernizing identity and access management systems is similar to composing a song—you have to be efficient by using established patterns that are repeatable and predictable. The chorus in a song may have a certain rhythmic pattern while the verses have a different pattern. Access authentication will have different requirements depending on risk levels or other IT-established criteria. But even these varying patterns must be repeatable to be efficient in a hybrid-cloud environment.

Key Points

  • Just as musical styles change over time, technology solutions must evolve to remain relevant.
  • CISO job tenures are often short, making it hard to think long-term. This can cause them to focus on fixing immediate problems with one-off product purchases.
  • A holistic, strategic approach to Identity with an emphasis on how the program integrates with operational plans will avoid one-off solutions that may need to be fixed later.
  • No one knows exactly what security problems businesses will be facing in three years but nimble Identity solutions will be better able to solve these problems when they inevitably arise.
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