Aligning the Stars

What the Wipro acquisition means to us

At this time of year I traditionally send photos of great planetary bodies taken from my home planetarium in Austin. It’s a reminder—to myself, family and friends—of the unfathomable vastness of the universe and the opportunity we have to align natural forces for things of great value. This year I included a photo of NGC 281, the so-called Pacman nebula, an image that comes to us from 9,500 years ago. It’s a colorful, dramatic work of natural art. It’s also a fitting close to a dramatic year, which included Edgile’s acquisition by Wipro, the global leader in information technology, consulting, and business process services. 

Yes, our stars have aligned. Our mission—to secure the modern enterprise—is more relevant today than ever. As noted in the press release, this business arrangement will enable us to deliver our strategy-first approach and expert implementation across the Global 2000.

Edgile’s talented consultants are poised to scale the pioneering transformational cybersecurity work we have been doing as we continue to operate as a distinct brand within the Wipro cybersecurity group led by Tony Buffomante. As Tony said, “Adding Edgile’s strategic consulting capabilities and launching Wipro CyberTransform™ are significant milestones on our journey to becoming the trusted partner to security leaders and boardroom stakeholders. I see the team blending very well with Wipro’s CyberSecurists to deliver transformational cybersecurity on a global scale.” 

Protecting the distributed enterprise

I co-founded Edgile with Dean Fantham in 2001 at a time when business leaders were just starting to embrace technology. We expanded the firm by hiring the best and the brightest across consulting delivery, operations, sales, and marketing. Our management team grew to include eight additional client service partners—Lawrence Wolf, Lyle Carlson, David Deckter, Brian Rizman, Marvin Tansley, Paul Hewitt, Tarun Vazirani, and Derek Tannahill. We could not have achieved such success without operational and financial leadership from our COO/CFO Salman Rashid and Go-To-Market and brand leadership from CMO Dan Seyer to enable and support the business model.

Over Edgile’s two decades, digitally-driven modern enterprises became more distributed, with employees, partners, and information everywhere. New risks were created, and new ways to intelligently protect against these risks became a business necessity. This was abundantly clear in 2020 when working from anywhere became the new normal. Companies that had modernized their identity programs saw an immediate return on their investments. Organizations that had a good understanding of their enterprise, operation and IT risks, along with processes to manage evolving industry regulations outpaced their peers in terms of board level risk management. 

To meet the needs of the modern enterprise, we grew our seasoned team of world-class strategists and practitioners with deep expertise in IAM, GRC, and cybersecurity to approach security consulting as a set of services focused on enabling the largest and most complex organizations across the Fortune 500 to meet their top-line business objectives. As a result, we’ve become the trusted partner of the security and risk professionals inside the enterprise, including the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) by building meaningful bridges between the big practice areas. Early on, we coined the term business-aligned security. It’s proactive—not reactive—and in sync with what the modern enterprise needs to do to be successful and secure. 

Our proven business model will continue

Edgile’s model for delivering strategy, implementation, and managed services to meet the maturing needs of our clients has been proven. Our current stellar teams will continue to operate Edgile’s three service lines:

  • Information and Cloud Security
  • Identity
  • Risk and Compliance (IRM/GRC)

We will maintain our longstanding partnerships with Microsoft, ServiceNow, SailPoint, and other leading security and technology firms. We will have opportunities to expand capabilities in all areas.

I want to again thank our amazing team, their families, our technology ecosystem partners, and our minority private equity investor, Abry Partners, for their support and focus on steadily growing the business and servicing our clients. Thanks to your dedication, Edgile is now positioned to secure the modern enterprise on the global stage.


Don Elledge
Edgile CEO

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