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In addition to Edgile’s award-winning Automated Regulatory Compliance (ArC) service, which provides industry-specific compliance tracking through a growing suite of apps that build a foundation for integrated risk and compliance management, Edgile also offers three leading app innovations in assurance.

Accelerate and automate workload migrations to the cloud

The Decision Engine integrated into ServiceNow can harmonize multiple siloed business functions and intake processes allowing your organization to rapidly and consistently provide input on privacy/availability and encryption requirements, access controls plus vulnerability scanning and code review. 

Assess and streamline the audit function with ServiceNow

Organizations are required to provide evidence for multiple audiences (eg. internal audit, external audit, self-assessments, security, privacy, compliance, regulators, etc), however the most common complaint that business and IT teams face is why can’t evidence be provided once and reused multiple times.

Healthcare Provider-focused portals, forms and workflows that satisfy healthcare provider laws regarding grievances

Coming soon

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