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We’d like to give you a hands-on look at the power of the ServiceNow platform and show you how Edgile can push it to its limits and beyond. We offer demos across all Risk and Security solutions to suit your needs, which includes:

ServiceNow Risk and Security OfferingsEdgile’s Built on Now Store Applications
ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management (IRM): Monitor and identify high-impact risksEdgile’s Automated Regulatory Compliance (ArC): Accelerate and automate your risk and compliance management program
ServiceNow Business Continuity Management (BCM): Plan, exercise, and recover from disasters effectively with a robust integrated risk management frameworkEdgile’s Automated Regulatory Compliance for Privacy: Proactively manage privacy-related risks and sustain compliance in your organization
ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps): Improve your cyber resilience and vulnerability management while speeding response times.Edgile’s Decision Engine: Accelerate and automate workload migrations to the cloud
ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management (VRM): Gain control over third-party risk with the transformative powers of automated assessments, transparent reports, and consistent remediation.Edgile’s Evidence Warehouse: Assess and streamline the audit function
Edgile’s Grievance and Compliance Issue Management: Portals, forms and workflows that satisfy healthcare provider laws regarding grievances

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