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Measurable, value-based cloud security in just weeks

Edgile’s Quick Starts are a highly efficient way for clients to leverage their investments in Microsoft cloud platforms. The programs employ a fixed price, fixed scope, and fixed delivery methodology to produce measurable risk and security outcomes in the fastest and most predictable manner. Using templates and accelerators, Edgile’s Microsoft specialists will deliver business-aligned solution builds that include:

  • A definition of business requirements and drivers with their success criteria
  • An analysis of detected risks
  • A risk mitigation operations plan with instructions on how to run and scale the platform
  • A roadmap outlining next steps for maximizing downstream investments

Quick Start packages

Quick Starts are designed to minimize the engagement time required by key decision-making stakeholders.

Microsoft Purview Data Security Quick Start (Basic)

Classify sensitive information in M365 cloud workloads. Offers initial, measurable production deployment of Microsoft data security control frameworks to manage risk and reduce attack surfaces.

Microsoft Purview Data Security Quick Start (Advanced)

Includes all Basic option initiatives plus meets requirement definitions for sensitive data at rest on-premises and prevention of data loss in non-Microsoft cloud storage locations.

Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management Quick Start

Delivers high-velocity, quantifiable insider threat management capabilities into the M365 environment in a predictable and measurable timeframe by deploying the Insider Risk Management module for M365.

Microsoft Entra Entitlement Management Quick Start

Offers an immediate production deployment of the Entra ID Entitlement Management toolset to manage identity capability and risk in your Microsoft cloud platforms.

Microsoft Entra Customer Identity Quick Start

Offers a deployment of Microsoft’s CIAM, Azure B2C, connected to an instance of an application in production for you to securely move external or internal identities to the cloud and have that same information be sent to applications in a protected, standardized way.

Microsoft Employee Communication Quick Start

Leverages Microsoft Defender for Office capabilities to provide best-in-class email and collaboration security, as well as attack simulation training, delivering an immediate hardening of Office 365 workloads across your M365 environment.

Microsoft Sentinel Deployment Quick Start

Includes Next-Gen security operations capabilities leveraging AI and machine learning with built in SOAR capabilities for an Out-Of-The-Box integration with your Microsoft365 suite and implementation of best practice playbooks and hunting queries.

Microsoft Endpoint Security  Quick Start (Basic)

Offers measurable production onboarding to Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE), and Microsoft Purview while introducing custom device control policies and Endpoint DLP controls to secure the sensitive data stored on your Endpoints

Microsoft Endpoint Security  Quick Start (Advanced)

Includes all deliverables from the Basic option, and enables the integration of MDE with other Microsoft portals, such as Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and Defender for Office. This will also provide up-to 6 custom Microsoft Intune device configuration policies for strong endpoint security controls.

Microsoft Defender for Identity Quick Start

Delivers a pilot, non-production rollout of Microsoft Defender for Identity (MDI) to your on-premises Domain Controllers to enable a cloud-based solution for protecting your on-premises identities, and introduce Entra ID Identity Protection based Conditional Access policies to provide real-time protection for your cloud identities.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Quick Start (Basic)

Enables onboarding of MDC, configuring CSPM for multi-cloud, performing vulnerability assessments on Azure servers, and accessing advanced MDC capabilities. After completion, you’ll have access to the MDC Portal for a unified view of your hybrid cloud security posture, helping you discover and mitigate risks.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Quick Start (Advanced)

Includes all deliverables from the Basic option with multi-cloud & on-premise workloads,
protection using Azure Arc, DevOps security​, and custom gallery workbooks & automation.

Quick Start deliverables

Analysis of the risk that is being mitigated, what we detected, and how to act

An ongoing operations plan showing how to run and scale the program

A road map for what to do next in terms of additional downstream investment

Accelerate business-aligned cloud security solutions

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with deep expertise across the entire Microsoft ecosystem, Edgile knows how to configure Microsoft’s cloud technologies through a highly efficient and predictable process. We know how long it will take and how much it will cost for a client to achieve immediate, high-velocity data security outcomes.


Data-driven Decisions

Rapid Production Deployment

Operations Plan & Roadmap

Focus on Data Security Outcomes

Configuration without customization
Utilize pre-defined templates, configurations and workflows for best practice builds without time-consuming, complex customization.

Expert enablement guidance
Learn optimal implementation methods to maximize solution productivity and effectiveness.

Measurable security outcomes
Leverage value-based outcomes to create a business foundation for scaling capabilities across the enterprise.


Actions to take

  • Document current state details and processes up front
  • Identify stakeholder understanding and vision of problems/solutions
  • Focus on rapid production monitoring and protections

Actions to avoid

  • Code customizations designed around a manual or legacy approach
  • Complex processes with significant interdependencies across other systems

Edgile Quick Start Demos for Microsoft Cloud Security

Data Security

Identity Entitlement

Insider Risk

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