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As enterprises adopt a cloud-first mindset, logical boundaries become fuzzy. Cloud security loopholes such as misconfigurations, blind spots, compliance gaps, shadow IT and lack of visibility are creating worrying challenges for CXOs. Wipro cloud security solutions are powered by and co-innovated with top cloud service providers and industry-leading strategic technology partners.

Artificial Intelligence Security

The focus is to secure AI-ML models by addressing the security risk associated with open source components used for building the respective models and also to leverage AI capabilities in securing applications.

Open Source Security

Open source security is an extension to application security, it focuses on identifying, prioritising, and remediating open source vulnerabilities leveraging the deep open source expertise . It would enable organizations to adopt open source software seamlessly with minimal risks. Given the current level of open source adoption, it is essential to factor in open source security for securing the application. The complexity associated with open source software often demands in-depth open source and open source security expertise to mitigate their inherent risks. As a practice, we also focus on developing open source alternatives that provide organizations with greater control and flexibility for customization to meet their needs effectively.

Blockchain Security

The focus is to secure blockchain solutions/platforms by decomposing the solution into layers, assessing each layer for security risks, and remediating the identified risks. Unlike traditional applications, blockchain solutions/platforms require extensive security treatment to determine and remediate threats. The security assessment is conducted based on Wipro’s Blockchain Trust framework that enables imbibing security through the various stages of blockchain solutions/platforms.

Secure your edge-to-cloud journey against the evolving cyber threat landscape with a Zero Trust approach.

Wipro offers the best global cloud and infrastructure security solutions, technology, AI-powered sustainable automation platforms and highly-skilled talent—Cybersecurists—to accelerate growth that is both secure and optimized for cost efficiency.

We offer a modern end-to-end framework for cloud and infrastructure security transformation — CyberTransformSM – that includes advisory and implementation, plus our industry-leading managed services — CyberShieldSM. Our recent acquisitions and key investments in this area have created additional value for our customers across the globe.


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