Modern Authentication

With today’s challenging enterprise security environments, people can be anywhere, data can be anywhere, dataflows are everywhere and cyber attackers can get inside via a less-than-ideally protected edge defense.

Cloud expansion is critical for enterprise growth and, done properly, cloud environments can be an enterprise’s strongest security defense. But this all requires a complete rethinking of how protection should happen. Zero Trust is an ideal place to start, featuring conditional access, behavioral analytics and continuous authentication. CISOs are seeing more data coming in from mobile devices and that is only to grow rapidly.

As dataflows have become virtually ubiquitous, authentication also needs to be rethought. One consideration: not all data merits the same level of protection. Classifying all information as green, blue and red data allows for differentiated protections, such as conditional access. Even highly sensitive data can be subdivided. Some of it might merit high-levels of encryption while others might be better served with truncation–if the enterprise doesn’t need to retain it at all, after the initial use.

Strong authentication including hardware-based and biometrics offers enterprises significant business value and opportunities to increase security and protect corporate assets, while continuing to expand its business horizon. However, strong authentication must be delivered efficiently, be cost effective over time, and provide the end-user with a simplified and integrated experience.

The beauty of continuous authentication is that it repeatedly checks to see what the user is doing. This is valuable for two common situations. One, if the credentials of the user have been stolen, verification can be hampered. But two, sometimes authenticated users can still engage in bad behavior. With continuous authentication, it does both authentication as well as repeatedly checking for bad behavior.

Edgile recommendations organizations modernize their authentication approach starting with establishing your identity strategy and defining Zero Trust for your organization.

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