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Disaster recovery management programs are essential in today’s environment

Unprecedented business disruptions have highlighted the critical need for companies to have proven and tested operational resiliency plan in place to:

  • Protect revenue through planning—by identifying the critical business processes supporting revenue generation
  • Remain operational during an unplanned event—by determining the people, locations and systems critical to maintaining operations in a crisis environment
  • Recalibrate dislocated supply chains—by identifying potential supply interruptions and planning for alternative resources
  • Recover quicker—by exercising the continuity plan regularly to highlight and fix potential weaknesses before an actual event resulting in a smoother recovery

Edgile’s Resiliency Management Quick Start

ServiceNow IRM seamlessly embeds Business Continuity Management (BCM) across integrated risk and compliance teams to improve and streamline resiliency planning. Edgile’s Resiliency Management Quick Start packages leverage solution accelerators to configure ServiceNow BCM quickly and efficiently.

Our 5-step approach connects all components of your resiliency management journey into a coherent framework.

Edgile technical experts configure and deploy relevant ServiceNow modules, integrate them with complementary platforms, migrate your existing processes and data and offer ongoing managed services to keep everything working smoothly.

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