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Automate and manage your physical access systems

Organizations need their physical access management to be married to their Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, to allow seamless access to secure locations for employees with the proper access authority.

This is challenging because badge management technology hasn’t kept up with modern IAM, resulting in problems—too much access, too little access or untimely access assignment.

Edgile has developed a modern solution. Our comprehensive read and write SailPoint connector for Lenel OnGuard allows organizations to fully leverage SailPoint’s best-in-class IdentityIQ and IdentityNow products to automate and manage physical access.

Edgile’s Badge Management Methodology

Edgile’s inclusive processes drive data protection sustainibility

Edgile helps you build, execute, or fix your physical access management strategy

Physical access management integration journeys are unique to each organization. Over time, changing strategies, directions, priorities and technologies can disrupt the best laid plans. Integrations can range from more simplistic, like certifying access level assignments, to more robust, like full management and self-service integration of badge functionality, depending on your organization’s priorities, use cases and requirements.

Edgile offers three service levels to help you achieve your badge management goals.