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Cyber Defense

Wipro’s Cyber Defense Centers (CDCs) act as vigilant hubs, providing real-time monitoring, detection, and mitigation of cyber threats. Our expert Threat Intelligence teams collect and analyze intelligence from diverse sources, proactively identify emerging threats and enhance client preparedness. The Threat and Vulnerability Management teams bolster defenses by assessing vulnerabilities, pen-testing environments, and recommending remediation strategies.

Global Cyber Defense Centers (CDCs)

Our teams provide 24/7 real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities to detect, analyze, and swiftly mitigate cyber threats.

Threat Intelligence

Our teams gather and analyze data from diverse sources to proactively identify emerging threats, enabling clients to stay ahead of cyber adversaries.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Our teams assess vulnerabilities, conduct penetration testing, and recommend effective remediation strategies, reducing security risks and fortifying defenses.

Incident Response

Wipro’s Incident Response (IR) sub-practice offers Critical Incident Response, including retainer services and rapid responses to high-impact incidents like ransomware and malware attacks. Additionally, Incident Response as a Service offers streamlined incident handling through a managed service approach focusing on proactive protection engagements for clients with existing IR retainers.

Critical Incident Response

Our Critical Incident Response service ensures swift containment and recovery in high-impact cyber incidents, minimizing damage and downtime.

Incident Response as a Service

Incident Response as a Service streamlines incident handling, providing a fiscally responsible proactive approach for clients with retainers, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing response capabilities.

Next-Gen Threat Hunting

Our proactive Next-Gen Threat Hunting identifies and mitigates threats early in the environment, enhancing detection capabilities and staying ahead of evolving threats.

Next-Gen Threat Intelligence

Next-Gen Threat Intelligence offers strategic insights to proactively anticipate and mitigate emerging cyber threats, enabling organizations to enhance their cybersecurity posture.

Secure your edge-to-cloud journey against the evolving cyber threat landscape with a Zero Trust approach.

Wipro offers the best global cloud and infrastructure security solutions, technology, AI-powered sustainable automation platforms and highly-skilled talent—Cybersecurists—to accelerate growth that is both secure and optimized for cost efficiency.

We offer a modern end-to-end framework for cloud and infrastructure security transformation — CyberTransformSM – that includes advisory and implementation, plus our industry-leading managed services — CyberShieldSM. Our recent acquisitions and key investments in this area have created additional value for our customers across the globe.


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