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Manually granting proper systems access is an almost impossible challenge

Organizations need processes that accurately and quickly grant access to users based on clearly defined, need-to-know protocols.

Unchecked application growth in today’s modern enterprises prevents managers from accurately certifying access. This leaves the organization at risk of non-compliance with certification standards.

Edgile’s RBAC Acceleration works with your identity and access management systems to solve the problem

Role-based access control groups user access around the attributes that describe their official duties. This logical access grouping enables an organization to grant, remove, update or certify access as a sum of its parts instead of a volume of disparate items. Your organization rapidly transforms from one governed by unstructured access to one that can confidently answer, “Who has access to what, and why?”

Three Steps to Role-based Access Control

Edgile ties together people and data so you can make informed role composition decisions

Get started with Edgile’s Role-Based Access Control

Every organization has its own unique set of roles to match their access requirements. Edgile’s proven process and our RBAC Accelerator tool suite guides organizations through the end-to-end journey so they can reach their access control objectives.