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Automate your decision planning process

Business initiatives such as moving new applications to the cloud, developing new products, entering new markets or simply classifying data rely on a structured decision process. To make it work, the development and operations teams driving the decision process need actionable requirements from numerous stakeholders across the enterprise. Gathering and organizing these requirements in a timely and efficient manner is often a challenge.

Edgile’s Decision Engine app for ServiceNow offers a solution

The Decision Engine integrated into ServiceNow can harmonize multiple siloed business functions and intake processes allowing your organization to rapidly and consistently provide input on privacy/availability and encryption requirements, access controls plus vulnerability scanning and code review.

The result is intelligent, automated decisioning with risk and compliance considerations that can help accelerate migration of workloads into the cloud.

Measure and optimize your business rules and decisions

A strong build philosophy helps to deliver incremental quick wins

Edgile’s approach follows a five-step closed-looped process to automatically rate confidentiality, integrity, availability, regulatory, and other requirements.

“Difficulty in getting multiple stakeholders’ input on confidentiality, availability, GxP, privacy and related matters was causing problems when trying to stand up new applications to the cloud. With Edgile’s Decision Engine, we attacked the root cause of our issues and projects are now moving more efficiently.”

– Larry

Department Head of IT Risk, Compliance and Assurance (Pharma/Life Sciences)

With Edgile’s Decision Engine app your business gets:

  • A single, easy-to-understand on-boarding process
  • Intake parameters targeted to optimize cross-functional workflows
  • Automated ratings that eliminate subjectivity
  • A centralized launchpad to enable organizational intelligence
  • Sequential approval/fulfillment workflows with integrated notifications
  • Embedded dashboard reporting for visibility into timelines and completions

Built on Now apps are natively built on the ServiceNow platform, ensuring that performance and security are upheld to the highest ServiceNow standards.


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