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Accelerated privacy compliance tracking for ServiceNow IRM

The accelerated digital transformation of the economy has exacerbated cybersecurity-related risks and events faced by organizations across the globe. In response to the corresponding uptick in breaches, regulatory bodies and standards publishing houses continue to deliver privacy-focused sources that promote modern safeguarding techniques for sensitive information.

Tracking the constantly changing regulations and laws related to organizational privacy requirements can be a burden to internal privacy management teams. Edgile has a better way to accelerate the management of evolving digital privacy programs.

Automated management and sustainment of privacy-focused content

Edgile’s expert team of risk consultants, software developers and lawyers has created Edgile ArC Privacy as an extension of our broader Automated Regulatory Compliance solution. ArC Privacy delivers harmonized laws and regulations along with risk, governance and control-related information as “content” directly to ServiceNow IRM platform instances.

The Edgile ArC Privacy Content Pack quarterly updates of new statutes, regulations and standards can be automatically delivered in an easy-to-navigate risk management framework and further optimized with Edgile’s Regulatory Change Management Solution, also available in the ServiceNow Store.

Edgile’s three-stage compliance approach

Edgile’s ArC Privacy Content Pack helps you avoid the costs of integrating content changes within ServiceNow—realizing a faster time to value—and reduce the expense of on-going monitoring, updating and operationalizing the changes.

“Difficulty in getting multiple stakeholders’ input on confidentiality, availability, GxP, privacy and related matters was causing problems when trying to stand up new applications to the cloud. With Edgile’s Decision Engine, we attacked the root cause of our issues and projects are now moving more efficiently.”

– Larry

Department Head of IT Risk, Compliance and Assurance (Pharma/Life Sciences)

Curated privacy content to suit your needs

With Edgile’s ArC Privacy Content Pack installed, you’ll have positive confirmation that policies, baselines and controls are calibrated to include privacy regulations applicable to your industry.

Built on Now apps are natively built on the ServiceNow platform, ensuring that performance and security are upheld to the highest ServiceNow standards.


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