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Organizations are suffering from audit fatigue

Organizations are required to provide evidence for multiple audiences (e.g. internal audit, external audit, self-assessments, security, privacy, compliance, regulators, etc), however the most common complaint that business and IT teams face is why can’t evidence be provided once and reused multiple times.

Gather, retain and reuse validated control evidence

Edgile’s Evidence Warehouse app is a smart evidence management tool that enables organizations to streamline the audit function. You can gather and retain control evidence once using a robust framework that lets you efficiently reuse validated evidence.

This solution builds upon native ServiceNow IRM capabilities, adding advanced workflow, the ability to schedule proactive recurring evidence collection tasks, smart reuse of evidence based on control objectives and more flexibility and control to the organization.

End-to-End Evidence Management Lifecycle

Edgile’s Evidence Warehouse app improves efficiency, consistency and usability

Use this NOW-certified app to create tasks and workflows to gather, validate, and monitor evidence collection activities. These tasks and workflows can be scheduled in advance, providing a recurring campaign to collect evidence from individuals or members of a group. The ability to link evidence to multiple records allows your teams to respond to multiple audits quickly without having to re-request controls artifacts. This flexibility lets your control owners focus on their primary role rather than supplying the same evidence over and over.

  • Evidence campaigns collect targeted artifacts on a recurring basis
  • ServiceNow notifications and workflows leveraged to streamline collection
  • Clear guidance on the necessary evidence requirements
  • Consistent workflow to request, collect, review, validate, supply and archive audit evidence
  • Tasks clearly assigned and tracked
  • Evidence reused avoiding audit fatigue
  • Collect once, test once, satisfy many

Built on Now apps are natively built on the ServiceNow platform, ensuring that performance and security are upheld to the highest ServiceNow standards.


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