Edgile Speaks About The New Age of IAM at the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit

At one time, identity and access management (IAM) focused mostly on the risks associated with people inside the so-called four walls of the enterprise — i.e., employees. That’s all changed. With the pressure to transform themselves digitally to more effectively compete in their markets, enterprises everywhere are beginning to see that IAM has expanded in scope to encompass protection against risks associated with customer, partners, and other third-parties. As many industry leaders have said, this is the age of digital transformation. It may also be the new age of identity.

That said, organizations are facing a number of IAM challenges that come with the new depth and scope of IAM. On November 29, in a special session at the annual Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit in Las Vegas, Edgile partner Lawrence Wolf and a senior security executive at a financial services company will take stage to address these challenges. Entitled “Seven Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying IAM Technology,” the session will address:

  • A “strategy first” to help businesses select the technologies that best suited to their unique corporate objectives and challenges. Too often, businesses jump to IT security purchasing decisions, without thinking about what they actually need to do to align to their corporate objectives. Over the years, Edgile has been able to cull and distill many best practices, especially among businesses in the Fortune 500 and regulated industries that are moving their operations to the Cloud. The special session at Gartner will unpack those practices and address many other questions that are on the minds of executives.
  • Managing the costs and complexities of IAM for companies undergoing digital transformation on premises or in the Cloud. Whether or not an organization is moving to the Cloud, there are budgetary and operational concerns they will need to address.
  • A real-life case study in “strategy first” IAM. The participation of an executive at a financial services company will lend even greater depth to the discussion with real lessons from the field.

If you plan to attend this year’s Gartner event, we hope you will join us.

Otherwise, contact us here to continue the conversation on IAM which will become even more interesting as we enter the new year.