Edgile + Wipro with Microsoft at RSA

Moscone RSA

Edgile + Wipro will host a number of presentations, social opportunities and introductions for our customers and other security professionals at the RSA Conference in San Francisco June 6-9. Edgile is proud to be among the select few partners that Microsoft invited to present from within the Microsoft booth (6059).

We’ll be showcasing how our highly popular Quick Start programs accelerate the implementation of cybersecurity initiatives, saving clients time and money.

All Quick Starts include a definition of business requirements and drivers with success criteria, an analysis of detected risks, a risk mitigation operations plan with instructions on how to run and scale the platform, as well as a roadmap outlining next steps for maximizing downstream investments.

For example, the Data Security Quick Start allows clients to achieve initial, measurable production deployment of Microsoft data security control frameworks to manage risk and reduce attack surfaces for content in the Office 365 cloud.

Another highlight of the conference will be a presentation by Edgile Managing Director Brad Smith on how the latest cybersecurity strategies address many of the biggest security problems faced by organizations today.

Smith will discuss the most relevant changes to the enterprise threat landscape, including remote, mobile, hybrid/multi-cloud and overall digitization. One particular concern that Smith will detail is the inherent risk of unstructured data through discovery in a hybrid environment. Attackers are now very active in targeting remote users and devices with the goal of penetrating the corporate network. These threats make it imperative for enterprises to holistically protect identities, devices, and apps to ensure a secure and compliant modern workplace.

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The RSA Conference is a great place to hear about the latest cybersecurity, compliance and cloud strategies. We look forward to meeting you face-to-face in Microsoft booth 6059.

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