A little more than two years ago, my company Edgile – a US-based cybersecurity advisory firm with a Fortune 100 clientele – announced that it was acquired by Wipro CRS (Cybersecurity and Risk Services), one of the world’s leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services companies. At the time, I called the merger an alignment of the stars, a metaphor that gave a nod to my status as an amateur astrophotographer. What made for the shared alignment were two very different organizations working towards a common vision for the future. That common vision went beyond our collective drive to secure the modern enterprise through disruptive technological change and focused more on the type of organization we were striving to become.

“With the launch of Wipro Cybersecurity Advisory Services, the integration of Wipro is now complete. It’s a good time to reflect on what it takes to complete a successful merger in the global consulting business.”

Today we are making a second announcement about the alignment of our stars. With the launch of Wipro Cybersecurity Advisory Services, the integration of Edgile into Wipro is now complete. It’s a good time to reflect on what it takes to complete a successful merger in the strategy consulting business. For Wipro and Edgile, it took a full yet fast two years to make this happen, and the shared values enabled us to do that. 

Values for the organizational transformation journey 

Merging two organizations is a complex endeavor that requires strategic alignment, effective communication, and a cohesive vision for the future. Each organization will have its own strengths – for Edgile, strategy and advisory consulting, for Wipro, cost-optimization and managed services. Bringing them together, seamlessly, requires a shared set of values and a real commitment to ensure they are practiced.  

Edgile had five key principles that guided its strategy until the time Wipro acquired Edgile. As I have learned over the past two years working inside the Wipro organization, interacting with Wipro leaders and professionals, all the way to Mr. Rishad Premji, the chairman of the board, these five principles were already deeply rooted at Wipro. 

1. Respect 

Edgile has consistently aimed to establish itself as a highly esteemed firm within the marketplace. Meanwhile, Wipro has maintained this respect for decades. To ensure the success of the merger, it was imperative for both entities to foster a culture of respect internally and externally. This entails delivering high-quality services and upholding professionalism among our staff. Mutual respect for each other’s history, culture, and contributions to the marketplace is vital for the merger’s success. Acknowledging and appreciating the strengths and differences of each organization forms the groundwork for trust and collaboration in the future. A reputable presence in the marketplace not only instills trust among customers, partners, and stakeholders but also plays a pivotal role in sustaining and expanding market share post-merger. My admiration for Wipro as a company has grown significantly over the past two years. 

2. The Best and the Brightest 

The mutual objective of fostering the growth and proficiency of our professionals is a cornerstone shared by both of our organizations. Edgile has consistently strived to attract and cultivate top-tier talent within the market. Similarly, Wipro has dedicated significant efforts to shaping an organizational framework that nurtures our professionals, providing them with a conducive environment to excel in client service and advisory roles. The establishment of the new CRS Advisory organization amalgamates the expertise of the Edgile team with various other specialized groups, both acquired and developed within Wipro, to form a highly proficient, diverse, and globally adept entity. Furthermore, through a concerted focus on investing in personnel, fostering a collaborative culture, and enabling individuals to realize their full potential, Wipro has effectively maintained, acquired, and expanded its pool of exceptional talent. 

3. Quality 

In the realm of consulting, service quality encompasses the consistent and meticulously executed implementation of strategies. Our primary objective is to deliver optimal solutions that precisely meet the needs of our clients. Within the CRS practice, this philosophy underpins the establishment of the new CRS Advisory organization. Moving away towards an even stronger relationship-centric approach, our goal is to forge deeper connections with our clients. The CRS advisory team is specifically designed to facilitate this by actively engaging with clients, immersing themselves in their operational realities, understanding their unique challenges, and collaboratively developing customized solutions. This hands-on approach ensures that we not only provide recommendations but also actively participate in implementing them, thereby driving successful outcomes alongside our clients. 

4. Indispensability 

The concept of indispensability revolves around establishing extensive and profound relationships with our clients. It goes beyond merely offering advisory and implementation services; it also involves actively supporting the management of these capabilities. To achieve this, the newly formed CRS Advisory organization is closely integrated with Wipro Managed Services, ensuring seamless collaboration to deliver comprehensive solutions throughout the entire lifecycle. Unlike traditional handoffs to other Wipro groups, our approach emphasizes joint delivery capability, enabling us to maintain a deep understanding of our clients’ environments and cultivate strategic partnerships. This collaborative model allows the Advisory team to remain engaged across all stages of service delivery, ensuring that we continue to provide value and support to our clients over the long term. 

5. Success 

Ultimately, success is the objective of both Edgile and Wipro. However, it transcends mere organizational achievement; it encompasses the prosperity of our people and the satisfaction of our customers. I firmly believe that the success of our people directly correlates with the success of our organizations, just as the success of our clients ensures the prosperity of our workforce. This shared belief forms the cornerstone of both Wipro and Edgile’s ethos. 

The establishment of the new CRS advisory organization presents fresh avenues for professionals to advance in their careers and offers a wider array of capabilities to bolster our customers’ success. This, in turn, lays the groundwork for a thriving organization that centers on the Customer Relationship. 

Through the integration of Wipro and Edgile, success becomes a central tenet that shapes the culture of the combined entity. Together we bring accomplished professionals who epitomize excellence and accomplishment. Its objectives center around cultivating success, including attracting and retaining top talent, investing in employee growth, and fostering a supportive workplace environment. By nurturing individual potential, employees are empowered to become advocates for the merged organization. Upholding ethical standards ensures that success is achieved with integrity and transparency. 

This positive culture not only strengthens the merged entity’s reputation but also enhances its ability to adapt to market demands and expand its range of services effectively. 

The Secret to Our Success 

Having a shared set of goals and values is essential for facilitating a successful merger between two companies. By prioritizing respect, talent, quality, indispensability, and success, the merged entity can leverage its collective strengths and capabilities to achieve sustainable growth and profitability. Additionally, focusing on specific objectives and principles such as employee development, ethical conduct, and client-centricity can further enhance the effectiveness of the merger process. Ultimately, a well-executed merger driven by common goals and shared values can create a stronger, more competitive entity poised for long-term success in the marketplace. 

This is the secret to our success. That plus putting the client first in every aspect of decision making. That ought to be a law in technology consulting, not just a value. 

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