Our Collection of Harmonized Laws and Regulations for Risk Management Just Got More Robust

Anyone who has tried to navigate today’s vast and formidable regulatory environment knows how complex it is—and how rapidly it changes. From PCI to GLBA to privacy protection, the details of regulations continually shift, making it essential for enterprises to have a trusted information source to keep their operations compliant.

That’s where Edgile comes in.

Introducing ‘Bricklin’: The latest iGRC Service update

Our most recent iGRC Service quarterly update, codenamed ‘Bricklin,’ added more than 100 new regulatory compliance sources, across a breadth of industries. Some of the most significant updates included changes to Finance Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), FDA guidance for medical device cyber security, and an array of state-sanctioned updates to healthcare information and medical record regulations.

For our clients who currently subscribe to Edgile’s iGRC Content Service, the burden to stay on top of these types of ever-evolving regulations has disappeared. Edgile handles it all. Our iGRC library of industry-specific laws and regulations integrates with existing client resources—such as policies, standards, and SOX interpretation—helping clients continually maintain a defensible risk and compliance readiness posture.

Want to know how we can help you improve your company’s compliance posture?

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