Accelerate Strategic Investment in ESG

Wipro Edgile ESG Command Centre Quick Start

Establishing an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy in today’s global landscape is a critical benchmark, exemplifying an organization’s responsibility toward making operations sustainable.

Today, a tidal wave of ESG regulations is looming across markets. To be better prepared, organizations are shifting responsibility for sustainability management and reporting to the risk management domain. However, many organizations still grapple with a number of challenges when it comes to investing in an effective ESG management solution.

Wipro’s Edgile Quick Start Program

The Edgile ESG Quick Start program is a guided journey leveraging Edgile accelerators and templates to help organizations avoid the cost of integrating ServiceNow ESG solutions. The Edgile ESG Quick Start for ServiceNow enables leaders to build a strategy for investing in ESG even when success is a moving target.

Organizations also get foundational enterprise ESG data collection and reporting capabilities in a matter of weeks.

The key benefits:

Enhance brand and corporate reputation

Comply with global regulatory requirements

Establish strong corporate governance through ethical, transparent, and secure business practices

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