Join Wipro and Edgile at the ServiceNow Summit in Mumbai on April 5th, where innovators, industry experts, and members of the entire ServiceNow ecosystem gather to explore new ideas, innovate, and uncover new opportunities that enable digital transformations across their businesses.

ServiceNow experts from Wipro and Edgile will be in Mumbai showcasing how we deliver leading and innovative transformational experiences that revolutionize our customers’ enterprises and how we can help customers unleash their potential for impact—on their business and the world.

Connect with Wipro and Edgile

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Cassandra Ashworth

Head of ServiceNow Business Group – APMEA, Wipro

Rodney Hobbs

Chief ServiceNow Technologist – APMEA, Wipro

Raghul Shyam Ravi

ServiceNow Principal Consultant – Ideas Apps & Data, Wipro

Saugat Sindhu

Senior Partner, Global Head – Strategy & Risk Practice, Wipro/Edgile

Brian Rizman

Global ServiceNow Risk and Security Leader, Wipro/Edgile