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Information and Cloud Security Solutions

Information security is viewed by most organizations as a risk mitigation activity. This view has been reinforced by security professionals, governance processes, and traditional security approaches.

The information landscape of the future is dotted with cloud computing infrastructure, virtual global workforces, information at your fingertips, and dynamic collaboration technologies. The need to compete and win in the market, reduce cost, and spur innovation is driving organizations to embrace cloud security.

Edgile’s information and cloud security approach shifts an organization’s viewpoint from purely risk-centric function to a hybrid risk and business-aligned capability, turning security into a strategic business enabler for the enterprise.


We provide a strategy-first approach to drive program success.


We enable controls in the cloud for all users, including employees, partners, third party vendors, and clients.


We provide managed services to help run your security program

Edgile Value Differentiators

Start with strategy

A strategy defines how an organization will invest its limited resources to protect sensitive information and intellectual capital. The strategy sets your compass to ensure your success is achieved at the correct scale to enable your organization.

Quick Start configurations

Quick Starts are designed to jump right into a mix of strategic thinking and implementation. In a matter of weeks, our experts will implement what you need to get started and you’ll know what to do next. Quick Starts have a defined outcome plan and use a proven model to achieve predictable results.

Information security and industry expertise

You’ll benefit from a leadership and implementation team that has led hundreds of implementations across industries just like yours—with projects ranging from strategy to program development to implementation, change management, training, and managed support.

Use strategy to drive information security investments

Information security plays a key role in ensuring that strategic capabilities are securely planned, developed, and implemented. Edgile’s security approach starts with the business strategy and business goals. We then define the strategic capabilities from a security perspective in conjunction with the business and IT groups. This interaction is critical to the process and facilitates the alignment between the security groups and business. Typically, focusing on a business-aligned security strategy produces improved results compared to a risk-centric only approach.

Information security for external users

Information security for users operating outside the enterprise presents additional challenges because it focuses on the consumer experience. These individuals are given access to services or systems you provide and include consumers in the retail, food or travel industry, patients in the healthcare industry, or subscribers to an online or mobile service.

These users trust your business to secure their personal information and want full control over how much information is shared and with whom. In healthcare, for example, a patient who subscribes to a service that provides lab results will want the ability to choose which test results are shared with certain doctors or family members. Or a retail consumer may authorize the retailer to access his or her birthdate for loyalty program purposes, but may choose to opt out of third-party promotional emails. Learn more about External Identities

Zero Trust

Organizations need ways to reduce risk, accelerate modern authentication processes and increase end-user productivity—particularly in today’s remote workforce environment. A major challenge in this effort is integrating on-premises legacy applications into a comprehensive app management strategy with cloud intelligence and modern auth.

Azure External Identities

Modern enterprises have various access portals and apps with legacy branding requiring multiple login credentials and passwords. This creates disparate and confusing user experiences in addition to security risks. It’s not only frustrating for the customer, it prevents the organization from having visibility into the customer experience, and can lead to data isolation, development complexity and identity duplication.​

Threat Protection (SIEM & XDR)

Security is complex. We can help you simplify it. Managing multiple standalone security solutions can get complicated. Combine security information and event management (SIEM) and extended detection and response (XDR) to increase efficiency and effectiveness while securing your digital estate.

Unstructured Data

Exponential growth in unstructured data volume, expanding data protection regulations, and the proliferation of on-premises and cloud storage options makes securing the organization’s unstructured data nearly impossible today—unless you have the right solutions in place.

User Experience

Optimized for users and security

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