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Exponential growth in unstructured data volume, expanding data protection regulations, and the proliferation of on-premises and cloud storage options makes securing the organization’s unstructured data nearly impossible today.

Evolving privacy regulations require companies to identify, manage, and secure unstructured data from unauthorized disclosure. The main problem customers face is large volumes of data with no index of the risk.

Edgile’s proven unstructured data protection methodology

Edgile has a framework to help enterprises measure the maturity of their unstructured data governance. We provide a plan for risk management and remediation of sensitive data, including the protection of intellectual property. We can help your organization build, enable and sustain an unstructured data protection program and implement the controls that meet the unique requirements of your business.

Edgile’s inclusive processes drive data protection sustainability

Where do I start with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)?

Edgile understands that your data protection journey is unique to your organization. However, we know that technology alone will not solve the challenge. We help you understand the size of your data problem defined by risk, and then develop a plan to build a data governance operation that synchronizes people, processes and technology.

Edgile offers three services to help you achieve your goal

We need a plan and budget

Your organization is just starting out on its unstructured data protection journey. We can work with you to build a comprehensive strategy and an achievable roadmap.

We are ready to implement

Your organization is ready to execute its strategy. We can help you develop and implement data protection governance, processes and MIP solutions to achieve your strategic goals.

We need help to remediate challenges

Your organization is not staffed to develop data protection processes or refining MIP solutions. We can help you remove roadblocks and get your program on target.

For details on unstructured data classification and protection, please contact our Information Team.