Edgile achieves ServiceNow Product Line Achievement for Security Operations (SecOps)

By Brian Rizman and David Deckter

We are excited to announce that Edgile, an Elite ServiceNow Partner, has achieved ServiceNow’s Product Line Achievement for Security Operations (SecOps).

ServiceNow established product line achievements as a distinguished accreditation to showcase a partner’s specific areas of expertise. Product line achievements are accessible only to organizations which:

  • Attain a series of ServiceNow product certifications
  • Meet a required number of completed product deployments
  • Receive and maintain a Customer Satisfaction score of 4.0 or higher for those product deployments

Edgile now holds product line achievements in 3 areas for GRC, Store Applications and Security Operations. Edgile is one ServiceNow’s top partners with specialization in both risk and security, further demonstrating the expertise and dedication that our team continues to deliver to organizations.

To learn more about how Edgile can help your organization leverage built-in SecOps capabilities with ServiceNow, visit: edgile.com/secops