AI-Powered Intelligent Security Operations–Wipro [12:58]

One of the more insidious threats to enterprise cybersecurity is that many companies have accumulated far too many security tools. Some are Shadow IT solutions that were needed a couple of years ago but have since been abandoned. Others are orphan tools from various acquisitions and mergers. CISOs are often not even aware of these hidden tools.

The threats to the enterprise are extensive. Hidden tools pose a security problem because malware can attach itself to these ignored pieces of code. Attackers can also leverage the gaps between tools to create an effective hiding place while they gain network access. And then there is the cost issue. The enterprise is paying license fees for tools that are not being used. 

In this podcast, Wipro Partner Angshuman Chattopadhyay discusses how Wipro’s solution — Wipro — uses AI to find and rationalize these tools. He explains that Wipro has a highly customizable automation mechanism that gives CISOs the option to implement settings that instantly repair holes while operating in the background, or have a human approve every change before it happens.

About Angshuman Chattopadhyay

Angshuman Chattopadhyay is a cyber security professional with 23+ years of experience in consulting, implementation, and managed services. He leads the cybersecurity and risk services infrastructure practice at Wipro. In this role, he is responsible for go-to-market, solutions management, platform development, and service delivery. He has published several cybersecurity articles, including Zero Trust thought leadership, and spoken at varies industry forums.

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