How to navigate AI risks and leverage the power of GenAI [11:54]

The foundations and processes around how people approach AI security are not that different from other security programs. But like all emerging technologies, there are many nuances. One big difference with AI is the vast impacts it can have on human rights, privacy, fairness and safety.

In this podcast, Wipro General Manager Josey George talks about how CISOs should deal with the morality of responsible AI by ensuring the tech can “do the right thing.” Josey also touches on evolving standards, assessing AI attack surfaces, lack of visibility in how GenAI is being trained and how much of your intellectual property may be exposed inside third-party AI models.

It’s a fascinating 11-minute look into the future of this unique technology.

About Josey George

Josey leads Wipro’s Emerging Technologies capability in cybersecurity with a specific focus on Secure AI, 5G Security and Open Source Security. He has more than 26 years of experience in cyber strategy and advisory, security architecture integration and managed services. Josey’s expertise includes IAM, Cloud, Data, Application, IOT and AI Security. He has served as a Chevening Fellow for Cybersecurity at the Defence Academy of the UK at Shrivenham and has spoken at multiple security conferences and events.

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