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Company data is always at risk from various sources, whether it’s an employee’s accidental mishandling of sensitive data or a malicious external attack. Confidential data can be stolen, lost or destroyed, causing irreparable damage to business operations and customer trust. Protecting your company’s sensitive information and intellectual capital is a critical security objective for your organization.

Establishing a security strategy that is designed to address the future security needs of your company is the first step. Not only does a security strategy define how your organization will invest its limited resources, it aligns funds to the highest value efforts to address the core needs of your business. A security strategy can be broad and cover the overall security direction of the company, or focused in a particular area such as identity management or governance, risk and compliance.

A risk-based approach is only one part of the solution

Most organizations have deployed numerous security point solutions as reactions to events as opposed to a proactive, effective security strategy. This traditional risk-based approach that primarily focuses on risk mitigation activity does not address the evolving organizational business strategy with the alignment necessary to ensure success and fully justify the significant investment. Companies can perform a risk-based assessment by analyzing events, probabilities and impacts, but this approach represents only a portion of an overall security strategy.

We understand your business challenges

Edgile has an established methodology that begins with a top-down investigation to understand your business strategy and core business initiatives. We then conduct a detailed analysis of your industry’s business and technology trends, coupled with a bottom-up risk and maturity analysis, in order to develop the right security strategy and architecture for your business. The security model we develop is designed to support your overall business focus and direction and includes a roadmap that defines the efforts needed to support its execution.

The Edgile Security Model, the right security strategy and architecture for your business

In today’s business environment we are forced to deal with constantly changing security challenges. Edgile’s business-aligned security approach is a forward-looking strategy that clearly aligns critical security capabilities directly to your business model. An enhanced focus on a business-aligned approach will elevate security from a purely risk mitigation activity to a strategic business enabler for your enterprise.

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