We’re excited to join forces with ServiceNow for Knowledge 2022, a live and digital experience where members of the ServiceNow community explore new ideas, expand their knowledge and engage with experts who’ll help accelerate their digital transformation journey.

This annual, flagship event brings together members of our shared community to showcase innovative ways to make work flow faster, easier, and better.

During Knowledge 2022, you will find out how companies across the globe are using the power of digital workflows to expand their business and innovate with speed at scale.

Join Edgile at ServiceNow Knowledge 2022

This year, Edgile, the leading cyber risk and regulatory compliance consulting firm, will moderate two expert panel discussions at ServiceNow’s 2022 Knowledge live experience, where we will address Integrated Risk Management (IRM) and Vendor Risk Management (VRM) with leading industry experts from LinkedIn, Comcast, ATN International, Banner Health, Equinix and Medtronic.

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