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Stop attacks across Microsoft 365 services 

As threats become more complex, help secure your users with integrated threat protection, detection, and response across endpoints, email, identities, applications, and data.


Manage and secure hybrid identities and simplify employee, partner, and customer access.


Use leading threat detection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response for endpoints.

Cloud apps

Get visibility, control data, and detect threats across cloud services and apps.

Email and documents

Protect all of Office 365 against advanced threats, such as phishing and business email compromise.


Prevent cross-domain attacks and persistence
Automatically prevent threats from breaching your organization and stop attacks before they happen. Understand attacks and context across domains to eliminate lie-in-wait and persistent threats and protect against current and future breaches.

Reduce signal noise
View prioritized incidents in a single dashboard to reduce confusion, clutter, and alert fatigue. Use automated investigation capabilities to spend less time on threat detection and focus on triaging critical alerts and responding to threats.

Auto-heal affected assets
Handle routine and complex remediation with automatic threat detection, investigation, and response across asset types. Then return affected resources to a safe state and automatically remediate isolated attacks.

Hunt threats across domains
Search across all your Microsoft 365 data with custom queries to proactively hunt for threats. Use your organizational expertise and knowledge of internal behaviors to investigate and uncover the most sophisticated breaches, root causes, and vulnerabilities.

Microsoft 365 Defender Edgile Offerings

  1. Quick Starts 
  2. Full Implementation or Migration  
  3. Managed Services 

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