Beginning the GRC Journey with the State of California

GRC Webinar Series – Part 1 of 3: Beginning the GRC Journey with the State of California

In this session, you will hear first-hand how the State of CA optimized and automated Information Security and Privacy Programs. Value was quickly realized utilizing ServiceNow’s Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Solution, which addressed the following common challenges faced by public sector agencies:

  • System Security Plan (SSP) Management
  • Privacy Threshold Assessment and Privacy Impact Assessment Management
  • Plan of Action and Milestone (POAM) Management
  • IT Risk Register
  • Harmonized laws and regulations including mandates specific to the State of California

The session will also include details around the approach, timeline, deliverables and value delivered as you begin automating your Information security and Privacy Programs.


  • • Welcome & Introductions
  • ServiceNow IRM/GRC Overview
  • Case Study: State of CA
  • Live Demo
  • How to Get Started
  • Q&A

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