Cloud Migration and Cost Optimization: A Data-Driven Approach for Enterprise Leaders

ficiency promised by cloud computing often gets overshadowed by the high costs of security and management. Migrating data to the cloud, once deemed cost-effective, now opens the floodgates to unexpected expenses, especially when nearly half that data might be just mere digital clutter. It’s a startling reality where 60% of enterprises exceed their cloud budgets, and 40% of cloud spending is swallowed by overprovisioning. Layer on the constant threat of security breaches, and today’s cloud landscape becomes a complex matrix of challenges and risks.

Watch this transformative webinar featuring Wipro and,r that is set to reshape your cloud migration and management strategy. Think streamlining costs, boosting efficiency, and tightening security – it’s the smarter way to navigate the cloud.


  • Strategic Data Migration and Management: Dive into game-changing data discovery methodologies that filter out the digital noise and prioritize essential data for cloud migration, striking a balance between cost efficiency and operational effectiveness.
  • Security as a Priority: Explore the latest techniques designed to fortify data security in the cloud, mitigating risks while ensuring rigorous compliance.
  • Cost Avoidance and Optimization: Discover hidden opportunities to rein in cloud migration and management costs, countering today’s trend of financial overreach.
  • Real-World Applications: Gain insights from case studies of enterprises that have expertly navigated their cloud migration journey.

Whether you’re already multicloud or gearing up for the transition, this webinar is your guide to actionable strategies for a more secure, cost-effective and efficient cloud infrastructure. Access now and step into the future of cloud computing with confidence and clarity.

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