Increase Revenue by Securing Your eCommerce Platform

“In 2020, 98% of executives agreed or strongly agreed that “deepening collaboration and engagement with customers and business partners is the best way to increase my company’s profitability.”1

Retail and Consumer Goods organizations rely on e-commerce. Satisfied customers, with intuitive user experiences and modern options for security and identity are critical. Detecting and preventing fraud and increasing bank acceptance delivers a return on investment (ROI) that makes this a compelling initiative.

Join Edgile and Microsoft to see how we’re transforming large external user identity populations from on-prem or SaaS point solutions to a cloud-centric model with unparalleled security, world class branding, and fraud protection that saved Microsoft over $1 billion in revenue.

In 2020, there were over 1,000 data breaches reported in the United States. 155.8 million individuals were affected by data exposures and the average cost of a breach was $3.86 million.

During this live webinar, we’ll show how we’re helping organizations:

  • Understand Microsoft 365 E5 advanced security for external identities and how to model costs with the free 50k MAU and micro-cents pay-as-you-go model
  • Discover the differences between cloud security with visibility for over 8 trillion signals per day vs. SaaS point solutions with limited authentication traffic view
  • Learn how Microsoft used Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection to increase revenue as an e-commerce company and why it matters to Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Find out which platform capabilities create a consistent customer experience across all web properties to improve security, revenue retention in a single project

We’ll walk you through our strategy for deploying modern security infrastructure with true risk-based authentication, MFA with location, password-less access management, and BYOI (bring your own identity) solutions, while creating consistent branding across all platforms.

You’ll also get an inside look at how Microsoft uses Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection as an integrated solution to increase bank acceptance, detect omnichannel fraud, and account takeover demonstrating why this solution is the lowest cost with the highest return on investment at scale.

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1 Source: Microsoft Research powered by Pulse, February 2020