Secure Your Remote Privileged Administrators

Enterprises are expanding their remote workforces. But the focus on getting everyone rapidly connected across multiple devices is creating huge security issues— especially for privileged administrators.

A recent CyberArk survey of 3,000 remote office workers and IT professionals found that work-from-home habits such as reusing passwords are putting critical business systems and sensitive data at risk. The survey found that 77% of remote employees are using unmanaged, unsecured devices to access corporate systems and nearly a third allow family members to use their corporate devices.

When 80% or more successful attacks involve privileged credentials, it’s clear you need to proactively manage privileged access in the remote workforce.

Webinar Focus

Edgile security experts will demonstrate how we use CyberArk and other technology configurations to ensure administrators are performing their work from home in a secure manner. We will help your IT team to:

  • Identify the remote work security impact for your organization;
  • Reduce the likelihood of privileged credentials being compromised;
  • Understand why Zero Trust concepts play a heightened role as your administrators widen their physical locations;
  • Create supported access patterns for your privileged identities that are differentiated by workforce member type;
  • Utilize existing and new CyberArk technologies to fill gaps and increase efficiencies.
  • Learn how to implement compensation, detection and protection controls.

We’ll also cover best practices in remote workforce security, including multifactor authentication, trusted device and endpoint least privilege, and use of session management versus password checkout.

Edgile Experts

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