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By Brian Rizman and David Deckter

“When I think of the state of the world today, it’s evident that companies need to be able to adapt on the fly. Technology is accelerating at a rate we’ve never seen before, and it’s clear the only way forward is digital transformation.”


Bill McDermott

ServiceNow CEO

Edgile has long been a leader in helping modern enterprises manage risk in a holistic way that enhances operating excellence. A big part of how we do this is through our expertise at operationalizing ServiceNow’s Integrated Risk Management (IRM) and Vendor Risk Management (VRM) solutions to manage third-party and supplier risk. 

At ServiceNow Knowledge 2022, Edgile Risk and Security experts presented a case study on this topic focused on the healthcare industry. We moderated a panel discussion with representatives from Banner Health and Equinix that offered insights into achieving risk and compliance objectives using ServiceNow IRM and VRM while adhering to the strict healthcare privacy and data security regulations. You can watch a recording of the presentation here.

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The Banner Health case study is one of 12 case studies featured in the ServiceNow Operating Excellence Book of Knowledge. The book highlights how ServiceNow customers are breaking out of silos and working together to respond to new risks and opportunities. It’s all about embracing a new approach to operating excellence.

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Watch our Knowledge session for more details: Managing third-party and supplier risk with ServiceNow VRM and IRM.