Edgile CEO in Forbes: Enterprise Cyber Risk Needs An Investment Model

This morning, Edgile founder and CEO Don Elledge published his first article as a member of the Forbes Technology Council, an invite-only community of thought leaders. Publishing daily from the Forbes site, the Council provides the global business community with access to insights on the current and future impact of technology across a broad range of sectors.

In his first article, Don looks at one of the most serious challenges that businesses everywhere today are facing: investing adequately to manage current and future cyber risk.  Research shows that data breaches increased at a rate of more than 40% from 2015 to 2016.  But in response, businesses are increasing their cybersecurity budgets only at an annual rate of 18%. Don examines a number of reasons why businesses are underinvesting, and how they may not just be shortchanging cybersecurity but shortchanging change itself — preparing themselves adequately for a future of technology disruption that inevitably will come. He makes the case for creating a new investment model that businesses can use to manage current and future cyber risk.