Edgile CEO’s Latest Forbes Column: How The Cloud Can Help Shrink Cyber Risk

As enterprises continue to leverage the cloud to contain costs and do more at scale, the business case for the cloud is becoming more and more clear.  At the same time, a number of enterprises –particularly in highly regulated industries — have delayed efforts in adopting the cloud for fear that it introduces additional risks for cyber breaches.

In his latest column for Forbes, Edgile CEO Don Elledge challenges the myth that the cloud is less secure than the enterprise private network, and makes the case that the Cloud might actually shrink the “surface area” of enterprise risk by enabling businesses to better understand how their data travels throughout their ecosystems and by limiting how that data can be accessed. Understanding how the cloud can in fact more safely support a business’s strategic objectives is critical, but it all begins with understanding the limitations of the private network:

The reality is that cyber leaders today are supporting businesses that increasingly need to embrace trends that challenge traditional security models. The traditional models are failing and are extremely costly to support in the new digital age. At the same time, the fears of the cloud have not materialized. As a 2015 report by Gartner observed, “CIOs and CISOs need to stop obsessing over unsubstantiated cloud security worries and instead apply their imagination and energy to developing new approaches to cloud control.”

Stay tuned for future articles that will address other myths and biases in the world of cyber risk, and how CIOs and CISOs can adopt new best practices and technologies to manage that risk in the modern era.