Jumpstart Your Cloud Security Strategy

Authors: Lawrence Wolf, Partner and Marvin Tansley, Managing Director

Our team is excited to announce the launch of the Edgile Cloud Jumpstart program for enterprises making the move to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Leading enterprises across industries are choosing the Microsoft Azure cloud as it provides Active Directory—an enterprise identity layer already in use today—and can generally offer a smooth transition to cloud computing. Though many organizations start first with back office applications, moving any application to the cloud requires a comprehensive new security strategy to be put in place, with identity at the center of the security model.

Across industries, we’re seeing a growing need for identity governance, and the Cloud Jumpstart program is built to address it. Designed for large organizations with intellectual property that will be moving to the cloud, or businesses in regulated industries that require compliance, the program offers clients solutions to help enterprises chart a roadmap and develop a new security strategy based on use cases and best practices. Cloud Jumpstart assesses each company’s unique situation to develop a forward-thinking solution that addresses identity provisioning, automation, and governance—while incorporating new functionality quickly and efficiently.

As our clients are increasingly at risk for security breaches—which are occurring more frequently with greater impact—they are electing to modernize their security controls as they make this move to the cloud. The on-premises security controls are now needed for the cloud so and many clients may need to run a hybrid environment. Some cloud security controls, like patch updates, may be handled by the new cloud infrastructure but others will need to be reinvented—and then new controls, such as different types of assessments to newly introduced cloud-based risk, will need to be added for the new cloud environment.

Our program sets the strategy for organizations to make the move to the cloud, allowing enterprises to prove out any technology risk before they commit to an implementation plan.

To learn more, download the Cloud Jumpstart PDF.