SPEAKING SESSION: Solving the Unsolvable Role Dilemma with Edgile’s RBAC Acceleration Services with Gretchen Wichmann and John Thornton

By Josh Salton, Edgile Marketing Manager

Edgile is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at the 2021 SailPoint Navigate conference. The year’s theme—“Confidence Redefined”—focused on how a new level of security confidence in your business is required to ensure both business resilience and continuity in today’s world. Our on-demand breakout session explains how this applies to the users’ access entitlements.

“The past year has seen a rethinking IAM. We are quickly transforming IAM external to the point of IAM not only becoming the perimeter, but in many cases the last perimeter. Edgile has been developing new offerings to address this change.”

– Lawrence Wolf, Edgile Managing Partner

In our breakout session, “Solving the Unsolvable Role Dilemma with Edgile’s RBAC Acceleration Services,” Edgile’s Gretchen Wichmann and John Thornton examine how access management in organizations grows more complex as applications and personnel are added. They show how Edgile’s Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) services help organizations take advantage of SailPoint IdentityAI to automate the creation and entitlements of roles to fit the need.

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