Using Edgile’s RPA plugin to maximize SailPoint’s IdentityIQ capabilities

By Alex Dunker and Josh Salton

Your identity platform needs to be integrated across the enterprise to provide holistic security and visibility into all risk-prioritied applications. SailPoint IdentityIQ gives you 200+ connectors and integrations, which is a great starting point. But what if you need an integration that isn’t covered by these out-of-the-box connectors? One option is to build a custom connector, and Edgile can help with that, or you can build it yourself. A faster, better, and more scalable way to maximize your SailPoint solution is to add Edgile’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) plugin.

Edgile’s RPA plugin complements the SailPoint Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) connector integrations. It allows a multitude of legacy, custom, and other applications to more easily connect to IdentityIQ and integrate into existing business workflows. Its automated provisioning permits applications that are not candidates for traditional connectors to work seamlessly without costly customizations.

As a mature plugin it is built to provide fallback mechanisms during failures plus comprehensive error handling and reporting. Provisioning can be done immediately. This means you do not need to wait for the next aggregation before requesting or seeing the entitlement assignment for that application as you would with manual or disconnected applications.

RPA automates repetitive business processes with minimal errors. It works very well for IGA where there are no direct or out-of-the-box SailPoint connectors available for legacy and other complex applications.

Building a custom connector can be costly to develop and maintain over time. On the other hand, doing manual provisioning can also be costly, error prone and is typically less secure. RPA bots are capable of mimicking human-computer interactions to carry out error-free tasks at high volume and speed for greater efficiency.

Most organizations have hundreds—if not thousands—of applications to onboard into an IGA platform such as SailPoint. This often creates a bottleneck when trying to move forward with an identity and access management roadmap. With RPA, application onboarding can be done much more quickly and at a lower cost.

In the data flow, the Edgile plugin sits between the RPA tool and SailPoint IdentityIQ. The RPA tool then connects to the target application. Edgile’s RPA plugin for IdentityIQ can take advantage of various RPA offerings, such as those from Blue Prism or Automation Anywhere.

Ease of use and automation are hallmarks of the plugin. It uses a pattern-based methodology that facilitates the rapid and repeatable onboard of applications onto SailPoint IdentityIQ using standardized processes, scripts and templates.

The Edgile RPA plugin can leverage IGA to trigger the bots to do the requisite provisioning required by Joiner Mover Leaver (JML) operations while managing the relationship between both IGA and RPA. If there are failures in the operations, retries can be configured. And if all else fails, it can open a HelpDesk ticket to be assigned to a human. This approach includes full auditing as well as a screenshot of what the bots did.

When used in a SailPoint environment that includes ServiceNow, the plugin can create a ServiceNow ticket that can be processed automatically or, should an error occur, manually. The unit supports full auditing, including the ability to view screenshots of the bot’s actions. It also offers a monitoring dashboard that displays availability of the bots, KPIs, metrics, and latency information.

When compared with the cost and functionality of custom connectors, Edgile’s RPA plugin can be a significant accelerator for your IGA capabilities.

To learn more details about our RPA plugin, watch our Navigate session, Accelerating Your IGA Program with Robotic Process Automation, or contact the Edgile Identity team.