What it takes to become a top SailPoint Admiral Partner

Interviewed by Josh Salton, Edgile Sr. Marketing Manager

Hi Gretchen. Congratulations on achieving SailPoint Delivery Admiral status for both SaaS and Software for your work with IdentityNow and IdentityIQ! Why do you think that it’s important for companies to seek out Delivery Admirals when beginning their journey with SailPoint?

IGA projects are complex. They require an experienced partner that has “been there, done that.” Delivery Admiral partners have the required certified consultants, project experience and high customer satisfaction scores. It’s why Edgile has been designated as a Delivery Admiral for the past four years running.

As a Delivery Admiral since 2018, how do you feel about SailPoint adopting a model that reflects both on-prem and cloud solutions?

I think it’s an important distinction. While the on prem (IIQ) and cloud (IDN) solutions are similar, there are distinct differences in how they are architected and the capabilities they offer. At Edgile, we are having our IIQ consultants trained and certified on both solutions so that our team will be more versatile. This allows us to help customers navigate how each solution aligns with their requirements and determine which one is the best fit for them.

SailPoint carefully selects partners for this award based on rankings in four categories—customer success, delivery experience, resource competence, and continuing education. Can you speak to Edgile’s success in each category?

Customer success is very important to us as evidenced by our high customer retention rate. Our complex SailPoint deployments over the past 10 years have returned excellent customer success scores and countless customer referrals.

With regards to delivery experience, as a partner to 55% of the Fortune 100, we’ve demonstrated technical competence and an ability to successfully deliver IIQ. As clients move to the cloud, the demand for IdentityNow has dramatically increased. Edgile recognized this trend early on and formalized our IdentityNow practice to keep up with the demand. We developed our IdentityNow Quick Starts for certifications and provisioning as an “MVP” approach to getting our customers up and running in a matter of weeks and for them to achieve quick business value.

Resource competence and continuing education are key principles for Edgile employees. We allow for at least two weeks of training per year and ask that our consultants achieve two certifications per year. We want to make sure our employees are on a path to advance their careers and continuously sharpen their skills.

I just want to expand on the “customer success” part a little bit. What benefits have your customers seen from adopting SailPoint into their identity infrastructure?

One of the reasons I love what I do is because of the benefits and value that our customers can achieve by deploying SailPoint’s IGA solutions and the success I’ve witnessed in the over 20 years I’ve been in the business. By adopting SailPoint, our customers are able to better understand and report on who has access to what, improve operational efficiencies with onboarding, offboarding, access requests and certifications through automation, and enhance their security posture through automation of policies and controls.

When one of your customers is beginning a digital transformation journey, particularly for their identity program, how do you recommend they get started?

When a customer embarks on a digital transformation journey, it’s critical to have a well thought out plan and roadmap that is based on business priorities, challenges, and drivers. Edgile has assisted hundreds of customers with developing a strategy, business case, and roadmap to get stakeholder buy-in and budget and project approval to jump start an identity transformation journey. This program lays the foundation to execute against for the following 18-24 months.

With the recent Wipro acquisition, what changes do you expect to see in your approach to identity?

Edgile is now coordinating with Wipro to offer a full suite of Identity services. We have been an expert SailPoint partner for many years, including strategy, design, implementation, and training. Now can we provide our customers with managed support services and the ongoing operations/administration of SailPoint solutions.

Thanks for your time today! Is there anything else you want to add about SailPoint or your Identity team?

Edgile’s SailPoint Identity Team is simply the best of the best. As a customer recently told me, “it’s apparent that you are very selective with who you bring on board and that your team is expertly trained.” I’m proud of our team and the great work that we do, and our impressive customer retention rate proves the point.

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