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The corporate enterprise is rapidly extending beyond traditional walls. The notion of “inside” and “outside” a building or network is no longer a valid view of a company. Edgile secures the enterprise move to the cloud, while managing risk and modernizing the organizational security model.

We Secure the Modern EnterpriseSM

Our employees work seamlessly inside offices, at home and in public environments, while the workforce is being supplemented with third-party resources and partnerships with other companies, including competitors. The people, buildings, infrastructure and technology that traditionally defined a company are no longer a clear delineation of a business.

Cloud and Extended Enterprise

The cloud is rapidly becoming an essential element of the extended enterprise, allowing companies to make data, applications and services available to anyone, anytime – regardless of location or device.

Securing the Virtual Enterprise

Current security models are not designed to accommodate the growing virtual nature of the extended enterprise. This creates a conflict either by limiting a company’s ability to conduct business or by putting the business at risk. Continued investment in traditional approaches to security will be prohibitively ineffective and costly. New approaches to securing the enterprise that are aligned with today’s corporate environment are critical to maintain both an acceptable level of risk and a manageable cost.

Securing the Virtual Enterprise, Operate More Efficiently and Effectively in the Cloud

Operate More Efficiently and Effectively in the Cloud

Companies are increasingly adopting a cloud computing model to enable anytime, anywhere access throughout the extended enterprise, while also enjoying higher availability, improved security and reduced costs. By leveraging cloud-based security models, Edgile can help you address the changing security demands of your business – enhancing business processes, increasing application security and driving persistent data security solutions.

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