Think Exponentially: The Secure AI Readiness Playbook

“Our close relationship with Microsoft brings us into a lot of places. We really get an inside look and have a seat at the table when a lot of these decisions are being made.” 

Bob Moore, Partner, Wipro Cybersecurity and Risk Services

We invite you to download “Think Exponentially: “The Secure AI Readiness Playbook,” authored by Bob Moore and Dean Fantham from Wipro Cybersecurity and Risk Services (CRS). The playbook, a cornerstone of our “Cybersecurity in the Era of AI” campaign with Microsoft, examines:

  • The exponential rate of adoption of GenAI, and its surprisingly large impact on staff productivity throughout the exterprise  
  • Why the enterprise must think exponentially – i.e., at speed and scale — to secure those new gains 
  • Insights into how the enterprise can navigate the technological, organizational and cultural challenges of securing exponential growth — with a comprehensive, cost optimized, Zero Trust framework.

This playbook is designed to help enterprise leaders prepare for the biggest opportunities and challenges presented by GenAI, ensuring your organization remains competitive and secure in this rapidly evolving landscape.

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