Dean Fantham, Chief Technology Officer

Dean Fantham

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO and partner, Dean Fantham co-founded Edgile with Don Elledge in 2001 with the belief that successful enterprise security demands ease of use, as well as functional excellence. With more than 25 years’ experience delivering complex architecture and systems solutions, Dean is active in helping clients uncover business value. His strong, business-centered ethos means that Edgile solutions are rigorously defined, yet flexible enough to adapt to economic and cultural influences. Hailing from New Zealand, Dean worked at Deloitte before joining Edgile.

Dean holds a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting and computer science from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and is a Chartered Accountant (NZ).

Passion: Working together as teams to make our clients successful.

Active: Cycling competitively and for fun, wine and good food, and coaching my kids.

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