Marvin Tansley | Partner

Marvin Tansley


Marvin is the Western Regional Partner in charge of client success in the Pacific Northwest. He is an accomplished strategist and innovator in cyber risk and IT security with a distinguished career in managing complex organizations and ecosystems to derive the efficacy and efficiency required for modern cyber-risk management. Before joining Edgile, Tansley broke ground on innovative projects at organizations as diverse as Schlumberger, Gemalto, and the Oxford Computing Group. His stock in trade: leveraging technology and systems thinking for managing the costs and complexities of moving the enterprise to the cloud.

Marvin holds a B Eng. Industrial Engineering and Executive Training from MIT and INSEAD

Passion: Applying consulting to technologies to realization of the promise of better, faster, safer, and more cost effective.

Active in: Skiing, coaching, family and friends.

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