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As a SailPoint Admiral Top Delivery Partner, Edgile helps you maximize investments in your IAM program by taking a strategy-first approach to understand what’s at risk—and why. This ensures that you prioritize and solve the right problems and secure a business case for an integrated and cost-effective IAM solution. IdentityNow is a great fit for customers that are looking for a cloud Identity solution.

Edgile Quick Start Program Overview

Edgile provides advisory services and best practices to guide you throughout the IdentityNow deployment. We offer document deliverables to empower your security and IT teams and help you with communication management and training for immediate and future rollouts. While Edgile’s big-picture solution architecture supports scalable future state integrations with IdentityNow, we offer inexpensive Quick Start programs that demonstrate immediate “Phase 1” value in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Solution Area ScopeManager OR Application Owner CertificationsUser Lifecycle Management (ULM)
In-Scope Use Cases

  • Manager Certifications w/revocations OR

  • Application Owner Certifications w/revocations

  • Joiner (New Hire Employee OR New Hire Contractor)

  • Mover (Job Code initiated Transfers)

  • Leaver (Emergency and Normal Termination)

In-Scope Application

  • One (1) Authoritative Source (1x User Type)

  • 1x LDAP based Directory Server (i.e. AD, OpenLDAP) - NOTE: Does not include Exchange, Azure AD or any PowerShell work

  • 2x Additional End Points (Low to Medium Complexity

In-Scope Documentation

  • Requirements and Use Case Outline

  • Design and Configuration Outline

Task Deliverables

  • Up to 8hrs of Discovery Workshop sessions to confirm requirements

  • Up to 2hrs of one final Requirements review

  • Implementation of in-scope functionality and application

  • Support client-led UAT, by providing issue resolution management, for up to two (2) consecutive weeks

  • One (1) Go-Live and three (3) consecutive business days of Post-Production Support

  • Up to two (2) one-hour Knowledge Transfer sessions for Administrators

Estimated DurationApprox. 6-12 Weeks (depending on p/t versus f/t approach and pace)Approx. 7-14 Weeks (depending on p/t versus f/t approach and pace)

Today’s changing environment means more enterprise risk

Business operations are becoming more complex as organizations accelerate their reliance on third party vendors, partners, supply chains and external digital services, and expand their remote workforces. Managing user access is getting harder. A comprehensive and efficient identity governance platform is critical to keep up with new technologies, eliminate security vulnerabilities and maintain compliance with new regulations.

A proven modern identity platform

SailPoint IdentityNow is a proven platform that secures user provisioning, access request and password management across cloud, mobile and on-premises applications. And Edgile’s Quick Start program can get you up and running with it in as little as six weeks.

Unlike other cloud-based identity solutions delivered from a hosted single tenant cloud instance, IdentityNow’s multi-tenant SaaS solution provides a number of important benefits:​

  • Always up-to-date. Get automatic upgrades to ensure you are running with the latest features and security updates.
  • Continuous monitoring. Detect and address threats and security issues immediately.
  • Better total cost of ownership. Eliminate hardware costs to better manage budgets with predictable OPEX costs.

Why enterprises choose SailPoint IdentityNow

  • Comprehensive—Get a full suite of identity governance capabilities in the cloud.
  • Connectivity—Designed for the enterprise with connectors for common business applications such as ERP systems, mainframes and all your cloud applications.
  • Security—Includes patented Zero Knowledge Encryption to secure administrative credentials from breaches.