Edgile Microsoft MVP speaking at Cloud Identity Summit

June 16, 2017

[Tuesday 3:40pm] Your Password Policies Are So Last Century

Most password policies are so last century. But in light of the trends impacting today’s security decisions, the future of Identity is shaping up to be transformational for the long haul. Late in 2015, both NIST and Microsoft came out with updated password policy guidance—Microsoft’s a result of many billions of login attempts to their Azure Active Directory service—and both organizations had strikingly similar recommendations. The common verdict? It’s time to overturn some dearly held beliefs about password safety.

Fortunately, the “identirati” are gathering in Chicago for the annual Cloud Identity Summit (CIS). Featuring the latest research, innovations, and case studies, CIS brings the best and brightest together to tackle the big identity and security problems. Through sessions and social time, experts, executives, and industry thought leaders will once again join forces to envision better Identity for the 21st century.

On the CIS stage June 20th, Edgile identity architect Sean Deuby will share an insightful forecast based on the most interesting identity issues and trends on his radar. A Microsoft MVP for the last 14 consecutive years—with over 400 published articles—Sean will “shed new light on some old cherished beliefs in the security world.” From new approaches to enforcing passwords, to what they should look like, and how often they should they be changed, Sean will “review commonly held beliefs to zoom in on modern password policies—because your attackers certainly will.”

The 2017 Cloud Identity Summit will take place June 19-22. Check out Sean’s presentation Tuesday, June 20, at the Sheraton Grand Chicago (Ballroom VIII at 3:40PM).

If you’d like to get together to discuss your IAM program, schedule a meeting with Edgile’s cloud and identity experts.

We’ll see you in Chicago!