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Secure multicloud and hybrid environments

Strengthen security posture, protect workloads against modern threats, and help develop secure applications.

Reduce risk with contextual security posture management

Assess multicloud and hybrid cloud security in real time and improve posture by prioritizing the most critical risk with context-aware cloud security.  

Help prevent, detect, and respond quickly to modern threats

Strengthen protection against evolving attacks with a comprehensive solution across multicloud and hybrid workloads.

Unify security management for DevOps

Empower security teams with unified DevOps security management across multicloud and multiple-pipeline environments to help keep software secure from the start.

Unified cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP)

Strengthen security posture, enable protection against threats, and reduce risk throughout the cloud application lifecycle across multicloud and hybrid environments.

Defender for Cloud capabilities

Security Posture Monitoring
Visualize and improve security posture proactively
Get free continuous assessment, built-in benchmarks, and recommendations to improve your cloud security posture in Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. 

Attack Path Analysis
Prioritize critical risks with contextual threat analysis
Discover high-priority risks with attack path analysis. Get contextual threat data from cloud security graph queries to help prioritize remediation. 

Workload Protection
Help protect workloads comprehensively
Gain broad coverage to secure workloads with insights from industry-leading security intelligence across virtual machines, containers, databases, and storage. 

Vulnerability Scanning
Efficiently scan with agentless or agent-based approach
Get agentless and agent-based vulnerability scanning for agility and comprehensive workload protection. 

DevOps Visibility
Unify visibility for DevOps security posture
Gain visibility into DevOps inventory and the security posture of application code and configurations across multicloud and multiple-pipeline environments. 

Remediation Guidance
Accelerate remediation of critical issues in code
Prioritize and provide remediation guidance natively in the developer tools based on comprehensive contextual insights from development to runtime. 

DevOps Configuration Improvements
Secure configurations throughout the development lifecycle
Enable security of infrastructure-as-code templates and container images to minimize cloud misconfigurations reaching production environments. 

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Offerings

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