Harnessing the power of B2B and B2C identities using Microsoft Azure AD

“In 2020, 98% of executives agreed or strongly agreed that “deepening collaboration and engagement with customers and business partners is the best way to increase my company’s profitability.”1

The security of both external users and partner organizations is critical to your brand. Digital relationships are built on a strong identity foundation, and most organizations deployed their existing external identities systems 5 to 7 years ago when security tooling and consumer expectations where much different.

With a shift to remote work in 2020, digitization of products and services is now a primary focus as Marketing teams move to meet the new buying habits and create a competitive advantage. These groups want to deploy new products, online selling systems and refreshed branding to take advantage of this business opportunity.

The security landscape is also becoming more threatening with a huge increase in business debilitating attacks and ransomware. These external identities access company applications and resources and offer an attractive entrance point for attackers.

Accelerated digitization has led to an increase in security and identity regulation with a focus on compliance. This is an excellent opportunity for marketing and security to come together to refresh branding and improve security posture in a single project.

In 2020 there were over one thousand data breaches reported in the United States, with 155.8 million individuals affected by data exposures and the average cost of a breach totaling $3.86 million.

Join Edgile and MVP Health Care as we discuss how we’re transforming large external user identity populations from on-prem solutions to cloud-centric tooling using the most modern and capable security infrastructure while keeping organizations branding uniform across all platforms.

In this fast-paced webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • What is cloud security for external IDs and how is this different from traditional approaches?
  • Learn about the new definition of a managed service for external identities
  • Improve security and customer experience in a single project
  • Plan to take the right steps to keep users and your business safe
  • Create a common and consistent experience across all web properties

We also have a special guest speaker David Swits, CISO/ CTO from MVP Health Care who has offered to share their success story. David will walk us through their journey from start to finish, demonstrating how Edgile was able to help them to take a strategy-first approach to their identity problems leveraging Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Edgile will demo the user experience improvements to MVP Health Care’s log-in portals as well as the ways they were able to simplify the sign-on process and enhance security.

If your organization offers a digital service or presence – don’t miss this webinar. Chances are your systems were developed 5-7 years ago when technology and consumer preference was much different. Join us to hear how we are helping companies re-envision their consumer experience, and deploy a modern and world-class user experience with cloud-centric security.


1 Source: Microsoft Research powered by Pulse, February 2020;